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The Artist and Athena

I close my eyes and what I first recall are her piercing eyes

A striking violet, maybe blue, an indeterminate color

That seems to contradict the determination of her gaze

Is she looking at me? Is she telling me something?

I’m almost afraid to return her unequivocal glance

So fragile and feminine, yet filled with resolve

I can’t help but wonder: am I, after all, the one that she chose?

My eyes linger upon her barely-there smile

That lights up the corners of her mouth

With a hidden warmth, a whisper of intimacy

That give me security and make me crave more

The lacy gauze of a veil envelops her nude body

At once revelation and covering, protecting us both

For a moment Athena and I unite to inhabit

That wonderful space between dream and reality

Where fantasy dwells, where longing meets sanity

Claudia Moscovici, postromanticism.com

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