The Universe of Mirrors by Sorin Hagianu

photo by Sabina Tabakovic

The universe of Mirrors (Universul oglinzilor)
by Sorin Hagianu (in Romanian)
translated by Claudia Moscovici

God has created the Universe
Like a school of feelings
That learn how to
Always look in mirrors
Like a grain of dust
They float autonomously
Through the rays of the sun
That linger on the surface of my body.
My eyes absorb the glance
Of the tree that that moves with curiosity
Its ocular orb going through my cells.
The flowers smile innocently
When my footsteps
Leave behind rose petals.
My fellow human beings wear on their eyes
Mirrors of sky
In which I find myself swimming naked
Through the contorted abyss
Of finding myself again.
A myriad of images penetrate
My flesh like shards of glass
Sifted through the mind.
My soul creates lines of feeling
Over which sincerity sprinkles
Its delicate powder composed of shells
Crushed by forceful rapids.
The Universe in which I float
Churns my feelings
Through mirrors, while time
Like a master glassmaker
Puts them into the fire of the seconds
Until a mirror is created—
A living and unchanging consciousness.

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The illusion that I belong to me

The illusion that I belong to me

by Sorin Hagianu
translated by Claudia Moscovici
I don’t belong to me
The way the trees don’t belong to themselves
The way the wind whistles through them like a sigh
The way flowers don’t belong to themselves
When the bees extract their nectar.
I don’t belong to me
I’m just a pawn 
Of the roulette between life and death
My flight hangs upon the smile
Of a flower that opens its petals.
Sometimes I have the sensation that I’m so light
That I float and soar in flight
At other times my body is heavy and aches
From the absence of sentiment and color. 
From all the investments 
In feeling and color
I’m left with mere change in my pocket
This illusion that I belong to me
More or less…
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Miracles Flow Naturally

Miracles Flow Naturally

By Sorin Hagianu

(Translated into English by Claudia Moscovici)


Do you hear how the springs

embrace in the fountains,

And how the sap flowing within trees

Carries with it the scent of locust flowers?

Do you hear how the drops of rain

Imitate the rhythm of the Universe?

Do you hear through the serenade of crickets

How the unspoken blade of grass grows?

The miracle of life emerges,

Thread by thread, in silence;

Only humanity announces its flight.

Miracles don’t boast about themselves;

They simply flow, naturally.

All it takes is a gentle breeze

For the leaves to murmur quietly.

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The Dance of Leaves by Sorin Hagianu

The Dance of Leaves

by Sorin Hagianu

(translated into English by Claudia Moscovici)


The eccentric, dancing wind

Takes, one by one, the trees for a dance.

I watch the waltz of lively leaves

With the envy of a spectator

Enlivened by dance.

The passionate green catches

Me in a tango more frenetic than the wind.

I’d pass through the branches with

The speed of thought

In spirals of spring-like gusts

Until, electrified,

I’d become the king of flight;

And leaves would spring from my pores

Whispering in a waltz with the wind

Dreams that emerge from a cocoon

Through the lines of my palms.

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All the cries by Radu Ulmeanu

All the cries

by Radu Ulmeanu 

translated by Claudia Moscovici


All the cries in the world don’t measure up to a baby fox,

All the lovers in the world don’t measure up to a sparrow

The entire purity of dusk is a story

And there are so many stories and so much barking.


The one who says: I love this rat,

Not for its beauty nor for its ugliness,

But for our solidarity in the face of nothingness,

He is a happy one.


Toate plansetele

de Radu Ulmeanu


Toate plansetele lumii nu fac cat un pui de vulpe,

Toate iubitele lumii nu fac cat o vrabie,

Intreaga puritate a asfintitului este o poveste

Si sunt atatea povesti si atatea latraturi.


Cel care spune: Iubesc acest sobolan,

Nu pentru frumusetea si nu pentru hidosenia lui,

Ci pentru solidaritatea noastra in fata neantului,

Fericit e acela. 

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Staying Still by Radu Ulmeanu

Staying still

By Radu Ulmeanu

Translated by Claudia Moscovici


Staying still

Is a much greater speed

Than that of light


Imagine a point

That moves around the circumference

Of a circle

So fast that

It manages to arrive at its initial spot

A second after starting


Increase the speed of the point

Such that it arrives

In the same place

In a thousandth of a second


Increase the speed of the point

Such that it arrives at the same moment

It leaves.


This is the state of staying still

It’s the cosmological speed

Of a point.


Starea pe  loc

De Radu Ulmeanu


Starea pe loc

E o viteza mult mai mare

Decit a luminii


Imaginati-va un punct

Care se misca pe circumferinta


Atat de repede

Pana la performanta

De a ajunge in locul initial

La o secunda de la plecare


Cresteti viteza punctului

Astfel ca sa ajunga

In acelasi loc

La o milionime de secunda


Cresteti viteza punctului

Ca sa ajunga in acelasi timp

In care porneste


Aceasta e starea pe loc,

Este viteza cosmologica

A punctului. 

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It so happened by Radu Ulmeanu


It so happened

by Radu Ulmeanu

translated by Claudia Moscovici


It so happened that I had a conversation with destiny

I set up a meeting at seven o’clock

At the corner of a boulevard, so she could advise me

What I should do now with a blonde girl

Whom I didn’t know if she loved me or not.


I give you five minutes, I told destiny, to bring her here

(This after I had already roamed the streets several weeks looking for her),

Let’s say, from seven  o’clock to five past seven

To bring her here, destiny, before my eyes

And then I’ll know it’s her, the one I awaited and desired

The one you yourself grabbed in your clutches.


And I stayed there at the corner and I began to feel my eyes on fire

As if I had become myself the old woman from the story.

I bore through the passing figures with my eyes

And even saw a few girls stop and stare at me.


I had only three minutes left and I was waiting only for her.

Don’t cheat me, destiny, I was thinking,

I asked you for a specific one,

With blonde hair and arched forehead

With traces left by you on her face.

Don’t cheat me, destiny, answer me if it’s her,

If she loves me or not and if I love her.


Others willingly place their fate in chance

Old people whose final days weren’t blessed

Adopt any random living being; the first that comes their way

Even if it happens that the snake is their solution.


Send me as well the snake, I told destiny

You have one more minute to make me happy,

If happiness exists in this world

You only have a short period of time, a second or two

To reveal to me, somehow, my future.


I was about to leave, telling myself that it’s all in vain

When she appeared, the one anointed in gold

And passed like a golden shower by me

Like an entire herd of mares with golden hair

And even hit me in the chest, carelessly, with her hoof.


I ask myself, destiny, why did I call you

Why did I force your caring and saintly hand

That opens only the doors that need to be opened

And only when it’s absolutely necessary.


Now what will I do with this hole in my chest,

With this door through which resonate the world’s thundering words.


All that’s left is to think about

What desolate places she perished, on what steppes and bottoms of seas,

From which she sends me her tumultuous waves

In this solemn city, covered by clouds and by stars.


Mi s-a-ntamplat

de Radu Ulmeanu


Mi s-a-ntamplat sa stau de vorba cu destinul.

L-am convocat la ora sapte seara

La coltul unul bulevard, sa-mi dea de stire

Ce trebuie sa fac de-acuma cu o fata blonda,

Despre care nu stiam daca ma iubeste sau nu.


Iti dau cinci minute, i-am spus eu destinului, sa mi-o aduci

(asta dupa ce fugisem cateva saptamani pe strazi cautand-o),

Uite, de la ora sapte pana la sapte si cinci minute

Sa mi-o aduci, destinule, in fata ochilor

Si-atunci voi sti ca este ea, cea asteptata si dorita,

Aceea pe care ti-ai pus tu insuti gheara.


Si-am stat acolo in colt si-am inceput sa-mi simt ochii arzand,

De parca as fi devenit eu insumi baba aceea din poveste.

Am sfredelit cu ochii de foc trecatorii

Si-am vazut chiar cateva fete cum se opreau uitandu-se la mine.


Imi mai ramasesera trei minute si-o asteptam numai pe ea.

Nu ma trisa, destinule,  ma gandeam,

Ti-am cerut-o pe una anume,

Cu parul blond si cu fruntea boltita,

Cu urmele lasate pe fata de tine.

Nu ma trisa, destinule, raspunde-mi daca e ea,

Daca ma iubeste sau nu si daca eu o iubesc.


Altii se incredinteaza de bunavoie-ntamplarii,

Batrani carora nu le-au fost binecuvantate zilele lor de pe urma

Infiaza o vietate oarecare, prima ce le iese in cale,

Chiar de se-ntampla ca sarpele sa fie solutia.


Trimite-mi si mie sarpele, ii spuneam eu destinului,

Mai ai un minut sa ma faci fericit, daca exista fericire pe lume,

Mai ai o vreme scurta, mai ai o secunda sau doua,

Ca sa-mi dezvalui intrcatva viitorul.


Chiar ma urnisem sa plec, spunandu-mi ca totul este zadarnic,

Cand aparu ea, cea poleita cu aur

Si trecu ca o ploaie de aur pe langa mine,

Ca o herghelie intreaga de iepe cu parul de aur

Si chiar ma lovi in piept, neglijent, cu copita.


Incat ma intreb, destinule, de ce oare te-am invocat,

De ce am fortat mana ta grijulie si sfanta,

Care deschide doar portile ce trebuie dschise

Si numai atunci cind e strict necesar.


Acum ce ma fac cu spartura asta in piept,

Cu poarta aceasta in care rasuna cuvintele tunatoare-ale lumii.


Nu-mi ramane decat sa ma gandesc

Prin ce pustietati a pierit, prin ce stepe, prin ce funduri de mari,

De unde-mi trimite valurile ei tulburate

In orasul acesta solemn, acoperit de nori si de stele. 

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Always by Radu Ulmeanu


By Radu Ulmeanu

Translated into English by Claudia Moscovici



Always chased away from the world, always mirrored

By the sky’s stars

You, a reflection of the universe

A thought of light


Walking like an ethereal being through the human forest

Without any certainties and lacking the sensation

Of being everything, or even nothing


Envying instead even the tree branch

For its unified flow, at rind and sap

With the deep immobility


Suddenly invaded by great waters

Through which the sun rays pass


A strange love casting you

On the shores of what is,

Abandoning them in your care.


What are you but the prophet

That promises eternal life,

But the earth jetting towards the stars

The wonder, afterwards, of ashes


But the bird of this hot plumage

That turns its gaze upon the fields

In which is plowed the untouchable seed.



by Radu Ulmeanu


Mereu izgonit din lume, mereu oglindit

De stelele cerului,

Tu, oglindire a universului,

Gand asupra luminii


Umbland ca o fiinta de aer prin padurea umana,

Neasigurat de nimic, lipsit de sentimentul

De a fi totul, ori macar nimicul


Mai degraba invidiind creanga copacului

Pentru libera ei consimtire

La scoarta si seva, la nemiscarea adanca,


Deodata invadat de mari ape, de raze 

Prin ele trecind


O ciudata iubire aruncandu-te

La tarmul celor ce sunt,

Abandonandu-se grijii tale de ele.


Ce esti tu altceva decat proorocul

Promitand viata eterna,

Decat pamantul izbucnind catre stele,

Uimire apoi a cenusii


Decit pasarea acestui fierbinte penaj,

Rotindu-si privirea peste campiile

In care se ara, se seamana,

Samanta imperturbabila. 

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Let me by Radu Ulmeanu

Let me

By Radu Ulmeanu

Translated into English by Claudia Moscovici


Let me wallow in agony

With my entire evil being—I’m alone

And burn pillars of light buried in my spine

I hunger for you like for a domestic meal

For which the stars splinter apart. I want to bring

The Earth on rattling wheels and ask

Where is God, oh, the caring God with

A beard in which birds rot is missing

And my crude sense of wonder brings me

To a pathetic state. I come crying

Spherical oceans, nothingness

Ossified by the torments of my flesh.

Oh, God, I cry for you

As if I were a bird of prey

Thrust into your chest and rattling

As if I were a dew drop that trickles

From your eye into my eye

And wraps itself around the silence of the spheres.



de Radu Ulmeanu


Lasa-ma sa intru in agonie

Cu intreaga mea rautate—sunt singur

Si ard luminile infipte in spinarea mea.

De tine mi-e foame ca de un pranz domestic

La care stelele se sfasie. Vreau sa aduc

Pamantul pe rotile zornaind si-ntreb

Unde e Domnul, oh, lipseste Domnul

Cel bland cu barba-n care pasarile putrezesc

Si cruda mea mirare ma adduce

Intr-o dizgratioasa stare. Vin plangind

Oceane sferice, neantul

Osificat de suferinta carnii mele.

O, Dumnezeu, te plang,

Parca as fi o pasare de prada

Infipta-n pieptul tau si horcaind

Parca as fi o roua care curge

Din ochiul tau in ochiul meu

Si se-nconvoiaie dupa linistea din sfere.


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We’re Given Life by Radu Ulmeanu


We’re given life  (Ne e dat sa traim)

by Radu Ulmeanu (in Romanian)

translated by Claudia Moscovici 

We’re given life

Through the orgasm of the universe

In its embrace with the abyss

And the hot jet of light

That washes over our cheeks.


Come to me, my love, my hands are white

While your flesh is delicate and thin

As the throes of the earth pass through us.


Come to me. With open eyes

I see how the rays jet from the stars

The constellations kneeling

Into the arms of the night.


Your flesh is so delicate and thin

That I can see the darkness behind it.

Come to me, my hands are white

And my eyes disperse hot rays.


Ne  e dat sa traim


Noua ne e dat sa traim

Ogasmul universului

In imbratisarea lui cu neantul

Si tasnirea fierbinte a luminii

Care ne spala obrajii.


Vino iubito, mainile mele sunt albe,

Carnea ta e subtire si rece

Si pamantul agonic trece prin noi.


Vino, ochii mei sunt deschisi,

Vad cum tasnesc razele stelelor,

Vad constelatiile ingenuncheate

In bratele noptii.


Carnea ta este atit de subtire

Ca se vede bezna din spatelele ei.

Vino, mainile mele sunt albe

Si ochii mei imprastie raze fierbinti.

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