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Adeline, I still think about your far-away gaze
About your violet eyes, which brightened my days
Your delicate features hidden under thick swirls of hair
The softness of your curls dancing in the hollow of my hands
Your body felt so light, as if you were floating on air
When I twirled you round and round, like a little girl
Then the trill of your laughter could be barely withheld
Escaping like a ray of sunshine through the tunnel of fate
Adeline, many years have passed since you went away
Yet I still can’t believe it, the choice that you made
I gaze at the curtains touched by your fragile hands
And I still can’t bear to sit down on our favorite chair
Without thinking about how I cradled you there
I was sure that this world was a nest made for two
I believed all my efforts would be rewarded by you
With the passage of time I could say forgive and forget
But I cannot tell lies when each day I live with regret

Claudia Moscovici, postromanticism.com

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