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Diamonds and Pearls

Diamonds and pearls

You ask me why my tears flow

Full, round, one falling upon the other

Strung together like translucent pearls

Drops of emotion filled with generosity

Yet errant, overwhelming, capricious

Cupped by moist eyes and begging

To be consoled by trembling hands

Or kissed by soft, compassionate lips

In a quivering voice I give you my answer

Life’s like a search of precious stones

Among the dull, nondescriptive pebbles

Strewn along our paths we find

Rare moments of pleasure and joy

Gleaming with the unmistakable intensity

Of diamonds that even retrospectively

Have density and endure the test of time

These are the only memories that count

What we experience here and now

These are the only moments we exist

The rest, my love, we merely live

Claudia Moscovici, The Painful Poignancy of Desire (2007) Continue reading

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