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a story of (still) winter

a story of (still) winter ————————- By Paul Vinicius Translated from Romanian by Claudia Moscovici she yes she – who gave the swallows permission to awaken from sleep she who even though it was still winter passed like spring through … Continue reading

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We’re Given Life by Radu Ulmeanu

  We’re given life  (Ne e dat sa traim) by Radu Ulmeanu (in Romanian) translated by Claudia Moscovici  We’re given life Through the orgasm of the universe In its embrace with the abyss And the hot jet of light That … Continue reading

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Till Time Until Eternity

From no where she found him

the boy the sea captain

like a ship lost at sea

Drifting aimlessly

at the mercy of the winds.

Cruel and cutting winds

leaving his soul tattered

tired and bruised.

He was healed by her words

he was healed by her thoughts

he was healed by her love.

The storm clouds lifted

replaced by a rainbow

as sunshine chased

away doubt and despair.

With a gentle kiss

she sent him away

and left the boy

the sea captain

To say walk out on us

but not be gone forever

to always give their love a chance

never say never.

There he now sat in his boat.

A harbor far away wondering

and wandering

how long was forever.

Time was now

written on his soul

written on his face.

He would hold her

whenever forever

Till time until eternity.

Tom Warner Continue reading

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