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A Siren’s Song

A siren’s song

I have risen, gentle lover

From the quiet depths of sea

To encircle you forever

Into me

My hair is the ocean’s currents

My touch is the softest breeze

I excite the sweetest torments

That exist

My eyes sparkle in the moonlight

Glitter like the richest gems

Making everything seem bright

That you see

In my arms, forget the future

Let the past be but a dream

Let the second flow forever

Like a stream

And when you remember others

Let the music of my song

Soothe away your deepest troubles

Nothing’s wrong

Let my body be your treasure

Let your sorrow be our prayer

Forget every rule and measure

Have no care

Claudia Moscovici, The Painful Poignancy of Desire (2007) Continue reading

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